Meeting Protocol: Codes of Conduct for Successful Meetings

Regardless of whether you love them or hate them, business meetings are part of our daily lives in almost every office. They are usually meetings organized for many purposes, from establishing the activity planning for the week, solving any type of problem or preparing a new proposal. In these meetings there are usually people from different departments or potential clients. For all this, it is important to behave correctly throughout the duration of that meeting, which does not always happen due to ignorance of the protocol to follow. For this reason, today we leave you an infographic where you can clearly see what never to do and the correct way to act in these meetings.

Recommendations for success in any meeting

Establishing a certain protocol in any meeting will help us get the most out of this type of action. Among the most important things to keep in mind are the following:

  • Punctuality : Punctuality helps you see yourself as a responsible person who not only cares about their time, but also about that of others.
  • Practice the presentation : In this way we will not leave anything to improvisation, making the meeting more enjoyable and direct.
  • Take care of clothing : You always have to try to give a good image, and this begins by using a clothing according to the type of meeting that is going to be held.
  • Introduce yourself : If the meeting is with people who do not know us, the first thing to do will be to make a personal presentation so that they can get to know us.
  • Take notes of everything that is talked about : This way you can calmly review everything that was spoken during that meeting.

It is also important to know some actions that you should never take in any meeting. Among these things are eating during the meeting, checking email on your mobile, covering the microphone or going past the scheduled end time.