Main Trends That Will Define Work In The Future

What was a trend yesterday, today may be completely out of date. The world moves at breakneck speed, changing everything around us. The world of work was not going to be less. More than a decade ago, email and instant messaging began to replace phone calls and meetings as the primary means of communication. But over the years, it has brought with it new trends within the world of work. Let’s see below some trends that will shape the future at work.

Trends that will shape the future at work

Those companies that want to succeed in the future should bear in mind the following trends that will shape the way they work in the coming years.

The boundaries between office and home blur

Collaboration apps are paving the way for freelancers, contractors, and remote teams, making the traditional office a thing of the past.

Technology will become a strategic advantage

Technology will be in charge of setting the pace of our day. Internal social networks will be used that will allow collaboration between workers, as well as the use of digital assistants such as Siri and Cortana.

Managing work is no longer a one-off task

Rather than improving products and processes, companies will adopt an experimentation approach and calculate risks. Large companies will adopt horizontal management styles such as the holocracy, which gives workers more freedom than established formal positions.

Mastery of inter-disciplinarity and interpersonal skills

Cultural intelligence will be essential for effective leadership and collaboration. Workers will tend to change jobs every 2-3 years in search of mastering new skills.

Remote work will increase

The offices will be a space for collaboration, since employees will only go to them when they have to work together. The rest of the day can be done from home.

Culture will define success

Instead of annual performance reviews, organizations will emphasize training, skill development, and setting their own goals among employees.

In addition to what is seen throughout this article, what other trends do you think will stand out in the future?